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Face your demons with a courageous heart


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Lost in the Drama Triangle

The secret roles and unconscious identities that sabotage our relationships and keep us alone


Our love can be enough

We’re on a mission to redefine the modern relationship. Begin cultivating the emotional tools to accept yourself and others as they are, without judgment, expectation or need for change.


Who we are

The Broken Heart Boys Club is a new resource for a new generation of men. We are whole-heartedly committed to building and repairing loving relationships through a compassionate understanding of ourselves and the ones we love.

No man ever steps in the same river twice. For it's not the same river and he's not the same man.


The Four Frameworks

Our future is built around these four frameworks for life. Subscribe to our free newsletter to support our goal of developing a complete curriculum by the end of 2025.

Our relationship with losS


Sit with the pain, anger, and frustration of life that we all hold inside

Our relationship with OURSELVEs


Summon the courage to face your darkness and find the light within

Our relationship with OTHERS


Forge strong, lasting bonds through empathy and compassion

Our relationship with GOD


Live a life of virtue through the grace and wisdom of God

You, without performance

The money you make, the car you drive, the women you love, none of them can ever make you a man. Indeed there are many men—boys really—hiding behind the mask of worldly achievement, hoping not to be found out.

Your virtues, your generosity, your compassion without trying—the clearest reflection of your heart—that is what makes you a man.

Right now, your mind may resemble a battlefield. You feel locked in a near constant internal struggle. A fight with yourself. If that’s you, then it’s time to embark on a journey within, to the most distant frontiers of your heart, mind, and memory.

You are in search of something valuable, a jewel hard-fought in the darkness. You want to discover who you truly are.

Let that journey continue here.

the challenge

Increasingly, men are being asked to serve in roles for which they had no reliable male model for growing up: as attentive lovers, responsible fathers, and strong leaders. Adding to the struggle, many of the expectations placed on men, particularly in relationships, are done so by women who themselves have had no childhood model for a healthy, durable relationship with a man.

This has lead to widespread cynicism, distrust, and despair between the sexes. Nowadays many men, and women, feel as if they are unworthy, defective, and unable to just be in a truly loving relationship.

We must break the chain.

Rather than antagonize or blame our partners, past, or circumstances, BHBC seeks to forge a new path forward built on forgiveness, understanding, and the bravery to just be as we are. Through the expression of grief and mindful self-inquiry, we challenge ourselves to rehabilitate our view of the perfect relationship and deepen our own heart’s capacity to love.